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I owe to my country, state, nation for my achievements
Tarix: 11-3-2017

 She is Mirzayeva Rena Jeymulla kizi. She was born in Baku in 1971. She finished secondary school 52 in Baku. She graduated from Moscow State Technical University, a correspondence faculty. She has been eager to take part in art discussion associations since her great interest to literature and poetry became greater. Since her childhood her essays and writings were in the center of attention and chosen every time. During different years her articles and poems have been published in various newspapers and magazines. She continues her creative activity writing essays, poems, stories for children and youth. All her success in each step motivates her to achieve great results.


She started her career in 2004 in Baku Europe Lyceum. There her creative work started to prosper in different ways, such as writing scripts and she encouraged children not only to love and enjoy literature but also act their lovely features on the school stage on special holidays. She began participating in school social work deeply with great interest and pleasure as she enjoyed her job very much.
In 2009 the students of the fourth form acted a play “Cavid Master” devoted to the greatest playwright Huseyn Cavid in Song Theatre named by Rashid Behbudov. Then, this composition was shown in different channels several times as it had a great resonance. 
Her scripts are presented in a high level as well as in primary and high schools. She writes different scripts for different causes as for holidays Novruz, New Year, Graduation for Baku Europe Lyceum, Secondary School 6 and other Baku schools. She sets the plays with the help of little actors as pupils.
The best example of her work is the musical comedy with the pupils of 2a1 forms (the music of Pike Akhundova) “Novruz adventures of Tiq-tiq khanim” was set in March 2011. She has had the number of such works. She strongly believes, the students were taught scenic and culture speech in theatrical circle of school by her, were differed by their speech, great manners and deep knowledge in literature because they learn the secrets of this profession with great enthusiasm. She wrote two poems “The Rain of Love” and “The Separation of Wound”. Now she has been working on the third book for the wishes of little readers writing some scripts and poems.
In 2011, the Night devoted to 20 years anniversary of Baku Europe Lyceum in Heydar Aliyev Republic Palace, the stage in Azerbaijani language had a magnificent success which was set personally by her. 
She has been working at School Lyceum 6 where our president Ilham Aliyev studied. She does her best for school social work in order to see the students growing in a right way as to be well-educated people for society. In 2012-2013 she was an author of the script on Channel “Bəbək” for children. She is an author of hundreds songs and in different years she worked with different composers.
She was awarded “A kind Mother” by Dede Gorgud National Foundation.
She has 2 children and a grandchild.
She is obliged for all her achievements to her country, government, people and relatives.