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Modern youth and the main problem of youth in reality of XXI century.
Tarix: 14-9-2009

Abbasov Shahin Nazim Member of Youth Unity of the National Fund “Dədə Qorqud”
Youth is a social-demographic stratum being distinguished according relevant homogeneous aspects (age limit, inner world, interests, social values, intentions, behavior manner, actions and etc) and being closely present in social relations. Youth is a complex, motley social group as the society where they live in. From the point of view of age psychology, youth is a period when the society of decisive values is formed, consciousness is established, social status of personality is occurred.

Th e important opportunity consists of the fact that the youth being the factor of social-economical and spiritual revival of the country is appeared between us as the source of social tension, narcomania and criminality too.

Th e main purpose of modern youth is earning money (43,8 percent), health (37,4 percent), housing (24,7 percent), education opportunities, professional preparation (23,9 percent) and being successful at work. Th e importance of these purposes depends on age limit. Social and economical founding of modern industrial society is not convenient for comfortable adaptation of young people. Th us, young people may not easily master relevant social status and achieve necessary conditions for being in reliable position in life as worthy profi t source and education and getting married. Th e realities of industrializing, getting information, becoming town-man, foregrounding of techniques and technology and moving off human beings from nature is making new demands on humanity as well as on education. Nowadays, youth is confronted with diff erent problems in the world and Azerbaijan in situation fundamental technologic, informational, social changes. Th e followings are among their material problems:

- little salary and pension
- lack of work on specialization
- getting credit for purchasing fl at
- provision of students graduating from higher schools by work
- rendering of medical services.

Enumerated problems may be solved only by state. Th is is the main factor of confi dence in authority, activity in elections.

Th e followings are among many social problems between young people in diff erent countries:

- aging of people
- negative inclinations in health fi eld
- weakening of mental potential of people
- becoming worse of position in education system.

Nowadays young people prefer contacts in virtual position, face to face relations. Th is is resulted in gradually moving off surrounding and getting strange. So, extreme predilection for internet and virtual relation means causes isolation from social world and thus is causes spiritual depression and failure in education and work.

Modern young people see their future in collaboration with local and mostly in foreign companies being engaged in commerce, fi nance, audit and advice. Instead of this, scientifi c activities are mainly connected with poverty, poor living, briefl y, failure in life.

Nowadays, Azerbaijan youth is seemed defective from the point of view of military patriotism. From this point of view there is a great need in putting in order of educational aff airs in patriotism and preparation in defense of native land. Shortages and defects of young people in this fi eld are not only connected with direction, course of complex processes happened in the world. Not damaging of interests of a great part of our society as well as diff erent parts of our country is necessary here. Not solution of theoretical and practical issues in connection with bringing up of Azerbaijani children guarding our native land is gradually striking.

It is possible to say that most of modern youth is apathetic in politics. Such young people not being the member of political party, social associations, trade unions, not being participated in their activities are not interested in politics and prefer being moved off this fi eld. Besides, in most cases political parties have not clear and considered youth policy. Recently, not striving of most young people in activities of the society, thinking only about their personal problems is emphasized in most investigational aff airs. Not entrusting of young people in all political establishments and their disbelief is in front of eyes. Besides, most of present young people support demographic reforms and see human rights and freedom as the main success of modern period. Young people are sure that they are the basic factor of durable development of Azerbaijan.