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Our today’s interlocutor is the First Vice-President of ISR Holding Rakhman Iskender oglu Khalilov
Tarix: 16-9-2009

Rakhman Khalilov was born in 1977 in Baku, in the family of the famous patron of art and businessman Iskender Khalilov. He fi nished the faculty of international business of International University of Geneva. He is married and has two children. He started his professional career in 1997 as trader in “Lukoil” group. From 2004 till now he heads the oil trade company RIROIL(Switzerland),included into ISR-Holding, He is the author and the head of the project on development of iodine sector in Neft echala, Member of Board of the Transportforwarding company “Eurotrance” in Moscow, the First VicePresident of ISR-Holding.

Corr.: What can you say about the realization of the project of development of a factory on manufacture of iodine proceeds and what will it give local population from the point of view of opening new workplaces?


R.Kh.: For today one line making fi nished goods is involved. Now at the Neft echala factory on manufacture of iodine it is occupied about 100 person, capacity of the enterprise makes 180-200 tons. Realization of the second phase of works under the project provides commissioning two more lines that will provide increase in workplaces and also increase in capacity of a factory up to 500 tons of iodine and then, in 2-3 years our country will occupy leading position on manufacture of iodine, and it is already a stream of the big investments and currency receipts in treasury of republic, increase in workplaces for the local staff , increase of the social status of area of Neft echala and a standard of living of its population.

Corr.: Th e big business demands not only the attraction of investments, highly technological lines, but also the attraction of the human resources.

R.Kh.: Today the notion “the capital” denotes not only the land, natural resources or industrial objects. Capital for country it is fi rst of all human capital. No other kind of capital can be productive without it. For today has increased the importance of a human intellectual component in defi nition of dynamics of the international investment streams.

Corr.: How is it important for Azerbaijan the question of release of competitive production taking into account that the stocks of oil are not boundless?

R.Kh.: Decisions of questions of increase of national competitiveness becomes today a political priority for many countries and for Azerbaijan as well. Th e problem of competitiveness is closely connected and very oft en coincides with questions of national economic safety. During an epoch of globalization protection of national economic interests will pass in the direction of choice of positioning of the country both on set of resources, and on set of technologies on manufacture of production. In connection with it the task of choice and support of the important competitive advantages of Azerbaijan is at the same time the task of its national economic safety.

Corr.: What must we do in order to improve the investment climate in Azerbaijan?

R.Kh.: Experience in other countries of the world shows, that economic development successfully proceeds there, where there is a clear picture of division of tasks between a private sector and the state. While the state creates frame conditions for economic activities and cares of social justice, the problem(task) of private enterprises - to be engaged in economic activities, that is to make of the decision concerning to investments and to be engaged in trade. All over the world there are identical criteria on which decisions thus are accepted by the enterprises.

How is the infrastructure good? Is there political stability? What is the level of education? Is there an average class with high solvency? Th ese are some from those questions which are in the center of attention. To ratify position of Azerbaijan in this world competition prime measures are the improvement of legal safety, struggle against corruption and creation of a free output on the market.

Corr.: Is it happened You to face with imperfection of the local legislation in Your activity?

R.Kh.: Nothing in the world is ideal and no country in the world can assert(approve), that its legislation is ideal. Any law if deeply to penetrate, has the certain lacks which at times lay on a surface, and sometimes emerge outside at times under the most paradoxical circumstances. All this causes necessity of perfection of laws, their studies and addition, and at times full change. But in it the essence of progress in the given area also is covered. Unfortunately, in any measure our legislation limps. It is explained by short term since time of fi nding by Azerbaijan the independence during which the legislative base of an economic life of the country was anew formed.

Сorr.: Do You read newspapers and what can You say about the work of the local press and electronic press?

R.Kh.: I follow the work of the local and the foreign press as well. Sometimes when you take the newspaper you know beforehand how any news is covered there. Professional journalism must not be engaged, it is necessary to approach(suit) to all from the state interests, it is necessary, that journalists represented the various points of view from civic stands, helped becoming of a civil society.

Corr.: In what do You see the main purpose of the azerbaijanians?

R.Kh.: I think, that this purpose of moral character: to embody dream of previous generations to construct the strong independent country. We Azerbaijanians should address very carefully with the presented history due to strategic choice. Th e destiny of the future generations is defi ned by the decisions accepted today. Th ough many at nanosecond still are preferred on east with slow rate of changes, the reality which has brought independence, is extremely another. In the third millenium rate of a life became prompt. Today the reality demands fast adaptation, fi rst of all human consciousness to a prompt course of a life. I believe in the light future of Azerbaijan.

Corr.: How to Your mind economic crisis will infl uence Azerbaijan and how long can it last?

R.Kh.: You know, every cloud has a silver lining. Th e economy of Azerbaijan is not so strongly integrated into the world economy, and if there will be no crisis, it should to speak about it with some regret. But, in the given situation this factor has prevented fatal infl uence of crisis on economy of Azerbaijan. In this connection, we once again should be convinced of wisdom of a management of the country. In my opinion, citizens of Azerbaijan will feel results of world crisis much to a lesser degree than in other countries.

As if to duration of crisis, it substantially depends on how eff ective will be the measures accepted by the governments of economically advanced countries of the world. As a whole, forecasts assume prolongation of crisis during 1-2 years.

Corr.: Th ank You for interview.

Th e conversation was conducted by:
Elkhan Tagiyev