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Our today’s interlocutor is the Vice-President of ISR Holding Rauf Iskender oglu Khalilov
Tarix: 16-9-2009

CORR.: Dear mister Khalilov. As we know, in the structure of ISR Holding, the Vice-President of which you are, successfully function offi cial representative of the concern of Toyota. What can you tell as about his work, how global crisis refl ected on the sell of Toyota?

R.Kh. Recently we have celebrated two years from the date of opening in Baku of interior on sales of automobiles of the company TOYOTA. Today the offi cial dealer of automobile Japanese concern “ Toyota Centre Baku ” has come in the fi ve of leaders on sales of automobiles in Azerbaijan. Such models as Camry, Corolla, RAV 4, Land Cruiser Prado, Land Cruiser200 and Yaris cause the big interest in motorists.


It is natural, that global crisis was refl ected in fi gures of sales, however we try, that our clients, our friends have felt it in the minimal degree. So, now we carry out campaign within the framework of which we suggest well-known automobiles Toyota from 10 % the discount.

I would like to add that except Toyota we began to work with Chinese automobiles, we represent on local market BYD and JAC. These are new models, but they have perfectly proved themselves in Russia, enter the international market, safely hand over all tests for durability. We have chosen these Mark, taking into account an orientation of local engineers on the new technologies, very attractive perspective models.

Also within the framework of Holding we have founded the company which has delivered the modern taxi Toyota Yaris, which had already won the love of people in Baku. We plan to organize the similar company in Gandzha as well.

CORR.: Mister Khalilov, we know that You are the President of Federation Mountain skiing of Azerbaijan. All of us remember « Ice Show »organized by You, when you for the fi rst time have brought in Baku all stars of world fi gure skating .What can You tell about this side of your activity, what plans You have?

R.Kh.: You know that the President of our country, dear Ilham Aliev pays enormous attention to the development of sports in republic. I can tell, that our representatives have received necessary quantity of the lowest passing scores giving the right for participation in winter Olympiad in VANCOUVER 2010. Due to a wise policy of a management of the country, the big work is carried out on construction of the modern mounting skiing resort answering the most strict international requirements. Taking into account the big interest of the population to winter kinds of the sports, a growing standard of life of citizens of the country, it is possible to assume safely successes of our sportsmen in this direction.

We are glad, that our efforts on popularization of winter kinds of sports have not remained unnoticed. Now carried on negotiations on the organization in Azerbaijan the big show - programs similar to “ Ice Show” mentioned by you, with attraction of stars of world size so that local population and visitors of our city could take pleasure in the performance of the highest level.

Th e conversation was conducted by:
Nijat Khasanov